25' Ac Cord "Stinger"
50' Ac Cord "Stinger"
Power Strip
3 Way Spliter
Cube Tap
5-Wire 50'
Suicide Pin - Male
Suicide Pin - Female
100a Bates 50' 240v
100a Bates 50' 120v
60a Bates 50' 120v
100a To 60a Bates Splitter
100-100 Splitter
60-60 Splitter
Snake Bite 120v (Single)
Snake Bite 120v (Double)
Snake Bite 240v
Ground Squid
Pigtail 60a Bates To 3 Edison
15 Amp Gfi Pigtail 2 Feet
Socopex (m) To Edison (f) Break Out
L5-20 Pigtail 20amp M Twist to F Edison
L14-30 Twist to 240V 100amp Bates
60a Bates FM to Male 240V 100a Bates

Distro Boxes

600 Amp Distro Box 120 Bates Only
800 Amp Distro Box
1200amp Distro Box 120/220 Bates
Gangbox 60 Amp
Lunch Box 100 Amp
600 Watt Dimmer, Handheld
1k Dimmer Handheld
2k Dimmer Handheld
1k Variac (Dimmer)
2k Variac (Dimmer)
5/6k Variac (Dimmer)
10/12k Dimmer
20k Dimmer
Shock Block 100amp 120V Bates
Shock Block 100amp 240V Bates
Shock Block 400Amp 240 3 phase Cam Lock


Honda 1000
Honda 2000
Honda 2200is
Honda 3000
Honda 6500is
Honda 7000
60a 50' Bates 120v
60amp Bates Gangbox
Gas Can, 5 Gallon
Fire Extinguisher ABC
Set of Ramps
Honda Parallel Kit
2000w 30Amp Plug Link Box w/edison adp
250amp Tow Generator
500amp Tow Generator
1000amp Tow Plant Generator
1400amp Truckmount Generator
Generator Operator
Battery - Goal Zero 400W Lithium Ion
Battery - Goal Zero 1400W Lithium Ion
Battery - Goal Zero 3000W Lithium Ion
Battery - Goal Zero 25amp Super Charger W/Power cord
Ryobi 1800 Generator

Cable Cross Over

Cable Crossover

Cable Cart

Cable Cart