25' Ac Cord "Stinger"
3 Way Spliter
50' Ac Cord "Stinger"
Cube Tap
Power Strip
5-Wire 50'
Suicide Pin - Male
100a Bates 50' 240v
100a Bates 50' 120v
60a Bates 50' 120v
100a To 60a Bates Splitter
100-100 Splitter
60-60 Splitter
Snakebite 120v
Snakebite 240v
Ground Squid
Pigtail 60a Bates To 3 Edison
15 Amp Gfi Pigtail 2 Feet

Distro Boxes

600 Amp Distro Box 120 Bates Only
800 Amp Distro Box
Gangbox 60 Amp
Lunch Box 100 Amp
1k Dimmer Handheld
2k Dimmer Handheld
600 Watt Dimmer, Handheld
1k Variac (Dimmer)
2k Variac (Dimmer)
5/6k Variac (Dimmer)
10/12k Dimmer
20k Dimmer


Honda 1000
Honda 2000
Honda 3000
Honda 6500is
Fire Extinguisher ABC
Gas Can, 5 Gallon
Honda Parallel Kit
500amp Tow Generator
1000amp Tow Plant Generator
1400amp Truckmount Generator
Generator Operator
Ryobi 1800 Generator

Cable Cross Over

Cable Crossover

Cable Cart

Cable Cart