Production Equipment

Canopies-Ez Up

8x8 Ez-Up
10x10 Ez-Up
10x15 Ez-Up
10x20 Ez-Up
Sidewall 8X8
Sidewall 10X10
Sidewall 10X15
Sidewall 10X20
Canopies Sand Bags
10X10 Black-Out Canopy W/Sides
Golf Umbrella
Shade Umbrella W/Stand

Tables and Chairs

Folding Chair
Short Directors Chair
Tall Directors Chair
Bar Stool
Low Shop Stool W/ Wheels
Modern Butt Dolly
Folding Chair Cart
Table - 4'
Table - 6'
Table - 8'
Table - 6' Half Folding
Table - Round
Linen - Banquet - Black


Floor Fan
Pedestal Fan
Barrel Fan 26" Diameter 2 speed
Portable Air Conditioner
Extension Hose For Port Air Con 15' Or 25'
Mister Fan 10 Gallon
Mister Fan 20 Gallon Propeller Blade
Mister Fan 30 Gallon W/Handtruck
Mister Fan Cool Zone 30 Gallon (big 4 wheel)

Garden Tools

Push Broom-Hard
Push Broom-Soft
Dust Pan
Floor Squeegee
Hudson Sprayer
Garden Hose 50' Or 100'
5 Gallon Bucket (Empty)
Mop, Bucket And Wringer
Pressure Washer / Gas
Shop Vac
Leaf Blower "Battery Power" w/1 battery
Leaf Blower "EXTRA Battery ONLY"
Leaf Blower "Gas"


Electric Dish Heater
Hand-Truck Propane Heater
Double Hand-Truck Heater
Patio Heater
Lb-80 Heater
Blower Heater
Electric Blower Heater
Tank Top Heater
Extra Propane Tank
Radient Heater

Kraft Service

Butt Can
Coffee Maker
Coffee Thermos - 5 Gallons
Galvanized Tub
Trash Can - Large 32 Gallon
Trash Can - Small 7 Gallon
Pop-Up Trash Can
Recycle Bin
Water Dispenser
Water Dispenser Cold/Hot 120 volt

Make Up

Make-Up Mirror Tabletop
Make-up Mirror Bulbs (Only)
Make-Up Mirror In Travel Case (Aluminum)
Make-Up Station W/Mirror
Mirror - Full Length
Mirror 4'X6' Rolling
Salon Chair - Hydraulic


Rolling Rack
Shoe Rack (Add On)
Handheld Steamer
Iron W/bag
Ironing Board W/Cover
Personal Changing Room
Robe - Rental
Truck Shelf - Wardrobe 4'


Road Cone 18"
Road Cone 28"
Cone - Tall Cylinder W/Base
Barricade - A Frame
Barricade - Blinking Amber Light ONLY
Hand Held Traffic Sign
4x4 Mesh Road Sign W/Stand
4x4 "Prepare To Stop" W/Stand
4x4 "Road Work Ahead" W/Stand
4x4 "Men Working" With Stand
Hard Hat
Vest - Safety
Flag - Saftey


Rachet Strap
Bungee Cord
Dolly - 2 Wheel
Dolly -Furniture
Dolly - Refrigerator
Dolly - Piano
Rack - Lumber
Rack - Cable
Rack - Utility
Rack - Chair
Truck Shelve 6',8' Or 10'
Super Shelf
Truck Spreader
Ply-Wood Cart


Walkie - Motorola Cp200
Motorola Cp200 ANTENNA
Extra Battery
6-Bank Charger
Pelican Case "Walkie"
Single Charger
Hand Mic
Surveillance Kit
Noise Reduction Headset
XPR8300 UHF Repeater, Antenna & Stand
Wifi 5G Cube Verizon 150 Devices AC
Wifi "Mifi" Puck
QWifi-Pro Complete, up to 80 mbps Down, 20 mbps up
Satellite Phone Complete
XPR3500-UHF Walkie
XPR3500-UHF Extra Battery
XPR3500-UHF Multi Charger

Wind Breaks

Windbreaker 4'X6'
Windbreaker 6'X10'

Misc. Production

Milk Crate
Rubbermaid Bin
Floor Mat-3x5 Carpet
Floor Mat 3x8 Rubber
Megaphone 45 watt w/Mic 2000 yards
iLoud Bluetooth Speaker AC/DC
PA Speaker W/Stand Bluetooth
Ecoxgear Bluetooth Battery 100W Speaker
Bose Boombox
Fire Ext Abc
Fire Ext. Co2
Fire Ext -Water
First Aid Kit - 75 Person
Gas Can-5 Gallon
Flashlight Small LED
LED Headlamp
LED Work Light W/ Stand
Work Light-Single
Work Light-Double
Work Light-Clip On
Luminite-Inflatable Light Tower
GloBug LED 800w & Non LED w/Cart and Geni
GloBug LED 800w & Non LED w/Cart
Crash Pad 4'x8'x8"
Air Compressor W/Hose
Air Nozzle (For Air Compressor)
Tire Inflator (For Air Compressor)
Stanchions / Crowd Control
5 USB Charging Dock
Treadmill / Chromakey

Production Packages

Production Package

# Item # Item
8 Sandbag 25lb 1 Magliner Jr. W/Shelf
2 25' Ac Cord "Stinger" 2 Power Strip
2 10x10 Ez-Up 6 Sidewall 10X10
18 Folding Chair 2 Tall Directors Chair
1 Floor Fan 1 Broom
1 Dust Pan 1 Electric Dish Heater
1 Cooler-Large 1 Trash Can
6 Table - 6' 6 Road Cone 18"
4 Furnipad 10 Layout Board-Sheet 4'X7'